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Attendance Information

Attendance Information

Attendance Information

Regular attendance plays a key role in the success of each student. Every teacher’s course syllabus outlines the consequences of excessive tardiness or truancies. Except for those students with off-campus lunch privileges, all students must check out through the attendance office before leaving campus during school hours.
Attendance Department Policies


We are happy to announce that we now have an attendance email for families to utilize when their child is out of school.    This email address, will reach all of our attendance office staff at once.  
Families may also call 831-796-7600 if they would like to continue with this method of communication. 
SUHSD Attendance Policy
Board Policy requires that a student maintain at least 85% attendance for the days enrolled in order to graduate and receive a diploma.

All schools are CLOSED CAMPUSES during the entire school day. A student must receive a “Permit to Leave”
at any time during the school day from the Attendance office or the absence will be marked truant. Students will not be permitted to leave school with notification by a phone call.  Students will only be permitted to leave school with a written note from the parent or the parents must come into the office to sign the student out. Students are responsible to clear their absences by having a parent call the attendance office, email, fax or by providing a note to be turned into the attendance office the next day.
Saturday School

8:00 AM - 12:00PM

Saturday School may be assigned to students who have referrals, excessive tardies, truancies or poor attendance. Students, who have assigned Saturday School, should bring homework and arrive before 8:00 am. Saturday School begins promptly at 8:00am. Students who are late or break the rules will be sent home and will be reassigned Saturday School or be issued an additional Saturday School and will not receive credit.
Tardy Policy
Tardy Definition: A student who is not in the classroom when the bell rings will be marked tardy. (Individual teachers may impose stricter guidelines in course outline that define a tardy such as, but not limited to, being in their assigned seat when the bell rings).

Tardy 1-6
  • Assignment to lunch or after school detention
  • Parent notified by teacher.
  • Unsatisfactory Citizenship given for the quarter at Tardy #4, (per teacher guidelines).
Tardy 7-10
  • Teacher writes a referral, notifies administration of previous consequences and contact.
  • Assignment to Saturday School.
  • Parent notified.
Tardy 11
  • Administrative Interventions.
  • Week of afterschool or lunch detention.
  • Saturday school which may include campus beautification.
*Students must complete assigned Saturday School or administration will assign consequences for missed Saturday School.

*Students will be picked up from 4th or 6th period class, or teacher may walk student to detention center.

*Tracking of tardies starts over at the beginning of each quarter.


Attendance Tech
Lorena Garcia 
831-796-7600 ext 2014

Attendance Clerk
Araceli OrdazCeras
831-796-7600 ext 2015

Attendance Clerk
Yesenia Murillo
831-796-7600 ext 2159