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Computer Science Pathway

  • Computer science program:
    • Why should you enroll in the computer science program? 
    Technical skills such as programming, and non-technical skills such as problem-solving and leadership, are amongst the skills you learn in this class. Computer science is used in many different industries. From communications and financial companies, to software, health care, and governmental agencies, there are no limitations. We live in a time where technology plays an important role in many aspects of life, and so the many skills you learn in this educational field are in high demand. 
    • The introduction to computer science course provides an introduction to computer science, where students will learn the basics of computer programming along with the basics of computer science. The material emphasizes computational thinking and helps develop the ability to solve complex problems. 
    • It gives a foundation in the tools used in computer science and prepares students for further study in computer science, including AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A courses.
    • Additional information:
      • The course is aligned to instructional standards outlined by the CDE.
      • The course is a-g approved (g - elective).