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Academic Supports

Tutorial Schedules:
Many teachers offer tutorials.  Please contact the teacher of record for a particular class if they are not listed below.
Winter, Spring & Summer School Sessions:
Winter Inter-Session ~  December 3, 10, 17, 19-22, and 27 2022
Spring Inter-Session ~ March 11, 18, 15, and 27-31 2023
Summer School ~ Tentative June 5 - July 7 2023
SAT Bootcamps ~ SAT Prep for 11th grade students has been provided for three years. It is held in the spring for six consecutive Saturdays that prepare students for the May/June sittings of the SAT and ACT exams. 180 students participate every spring. For the spring of 2019 the SAT prep dates are (dates coming soon). To sign up please see your 11th grade English teacher or contact Mr. Contreras in the counseling office. 
PSAT Preps ~ PSAT 9 and PSAT 10 exams are proctored at Alisal High School for our own students in the spring during the months of March/April. PSAT/NMSQT 11 for Junior students is proctored in the fall in the month of October. Students are notified in their English classes for sign up dates and are provided information to take home regarding the exam and how to sign up. For further information please contact Mr. Contreras in the counseling office.
Freshmen Seminar AVID is a unique course designed to facilitate students’ transition from middle school to high school. The course is designed to enhance students’ skills for academic success, develop students’ understanding of the culture of the school, provide individualized academic advising, and foster students’ meaningful educational engagement through active participation in the school culture.
Link Crew is a high school transition program that started at Alisal in 2010. The goal of the program is to provide freshman students with activities and peer mentorship that helps them feel welcomed and comfortable throughout their first year of their high school experience. Peer mentors in eleventh and twelfth grade are trained to be Link Crew Leaders and serve as positive role models. Every other Wednesday during freshman seminar classes, Link Crew Leaders guide freshmen through team and skill building activities/lessons that allow them to be successful in high school. There is an emphasis on developing the Trojan Traits, socio-emotional wellness, and the promotion of participating in positive school culture activities so that students will build more buy-in to their academics. Alisal’s schoolwide learner outcomes are developed during this time; both Link Crew leaders and freshmen students build their skills around being effective communicators, active participants, and self-directed learners. Specifically, lessons target respecting individual differences, working as leaders and members of a team, and being sensitive and respectful of new ideas.
Independent Studies Programs/Alternative Education -Alternative education programs are designed to accommodate students whose needs are not being met in the regular comprehensive school program. Students in alternative education have the opportunity to be in a small, self-contained classroom for a shorter school day. The goal of the alternative education class is to build academic and social growth so that students may re-enter the mainstream courses once they have shown sufficient progress to succeed in their mainstream classes. Student may exit the course at the quarter or semester. Opportunity classes are offered to freshmen and sophomores and are referred by teacher, counselor, administrators, to support academic and social progress.
Alisal’s credit accrual program, formerly known as Credit Accrual Academy, is a self-paced, individual program for students who need to make up course credits. Currently, students have access to online credit recovery and courses are A-G approved. The program is called Plato and students are supported through online courses under the direction of a qualified and credentialed teacher. The teacher and student work together to outline objectives and set deadlines for completing credits.
 Academic Support Pyramid